Do you experience mild fevers and fatigue that cannot be explained?

Updated: Mar 31

Fever is body's indicator that digestion is compromised. It is sign that your body needs a break from food intake so it can use its own digestive capacity to break down the accumulated toxins (known as "aama" in Ayurveda) in its channels.

The simple answer is to fast i.e. stop eating.

Fasting, or denying your body any food until you develop a good appetite is the simplest way to ease a burdened digestive system.

So what do you consume?

Sip warm/hot water or digestive teas.

Suggestion 1: Spice Tea

Drink tea medicated with kitchen spices (1 tsp of cumin seeds, 1/2 tsp of fennel seeds, and 1/8 tsp dry ginger powder) in 4 cups of water boiled down to 1 cup. Sip on this warm tea throughout the day. Make fresh tea every day. If you find these spices too heating for your body then feel free to reduce the quantity of spices. You can reduce its potency by boiling the tea down to only half its volume.

Suggestion 2: Chamomile Tea

Sip on hot or warm Chamomile tea throughout the day, while staying away from solid foods.

What's the reasoning behind these suggestions?

The digestive effect of the heating spices and the bitter taste of chamomile stimulates the weakened digestive fire. The body's own digestive fire is then able to take over and clear accumulated toxins from its channels. When the body's elimination and hunger return back to normal, the episodes of fever should diminish as well. So next time you feel unwell due to indigestion or have a fever, don't be afraid of fasting and allow your body to use its own intelligence to heal itself.

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