Is Ayurveda for YOU?

Updated: Sep 19

Food, lifestyle, environment, emotions and thoughts are some of the many inputs to our body system. Improper quantity and quality of these inputs become a short term "cause" for imbalances in our body and over time may result in disease. Cause and effect is an important diagnosis tool and the first step in any Ayurvedic treatment plan is removing the cause or modifying it.

A typical Ayurvedic health plan begins with changing your eating habits, eliminating certain foods from your diet or simply fasting along with some digestive herbs or teas. Some people are able to follow this kind of advice very well while others find it an absolute impossibility!

So if you're seeking Ayurvedic treatment and wondering if this system of medicine will work for you, try to answer these two simple questions:

1. Do you believe your diet, lifestyle, the battery of vitamins and supplements you are taking has something to do with your current health issue? Yes or No

2. Are you willing to make changes in your diet and lifestyle? Yes or No

If your answer is "No" to both questions then Ayurveda is simply NOT for you!

On the other hand if your answer is "Yes" and if you're tired of the status of your health, and are motivated to follow some unique health suggestions- then Welcome Aboard! Understand Ayurveda and see how these natural principles work for you. I look forward to chatting!

Below is my favorite quote that sums up my thoughts above:

कालार्थकर्मणां योगो हीनमिथ्यातिमात्रक: । सम्यग्योगश्च विज्ञेयो रोगारोग्यैक कारणम् ॥

Ashtang Hrudaya.Su.1.19


Using time factor (cycles of day, night, seasons, age); use of our body senses, and body functions; either too less, too much or improperly is the reason for disease. The balanced use of these three factors is the reason for health.  


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